100 Days for Scholarship

In 1976, the founders of Cornell Black Alumni Association (CBAA) felt the need to create a communication network of black alumni that now serves over 7000 alumni spanning the globe. CBAA has grown into an organization that focuses on Recruitment, Mentorship and Scholarship. CBAA is dedicated to broadening opportunities for African-Americans. Through the scholarships CBAA offers, current students are able to pay for tuition which now costs well over $50,000 per year. In addition, this year we have created a Literary Grant, which will afford a CBAA alumnus monies to dedicate towards publishing a novel.

Please join us in our “100 Days for Scholarship”. Beginning April 1st we are asking alumni to consider donating to any of CBAA’s scholarships or Grants during the next hundred days.

Literary Grant


Consider the following:

  • Give up Starbucks for a week (tall mocha $3.25 avg). A donation of $16.25 from only 500 members would be a collective $8,125 donation
  • Drop your loose change in a jar over 100 days and you will be surprised at how much money fills the jar.
  • Create a yearly financial plan that includes donation to one of CBAA’s scholarships/grant.

We are asking our membership to renew your support for CBAA in any way you can. Any size donation is welcome. Whether it is a small donation or a personal/corporate endowment. Help us to continue to support students and alumni to be the best they can be with a Cornell education and the CBAA family network.

Please follow our progress on the website to see how you have made a difference with your donations. We exist because of our alumni family! Thank You!