About CBAA

Founded in 1976, the Cornell Black Alumni Association (CBAA) was conceived as an organization devoted to providing a communication network for Black alumni. Over the years, CBAA’s mission and scope of activities has expanded, resulting in myriad programs that have a direct and significant impact on alumni and future Cornell students.

Through four major programs–Recruitment, Mentorship, Update, and Scholarship–CBAA enables alumni to channel their positive energies toward broadening opportunities for African-Americans, lay the foundation for talented Black students to share the Cornell experience, and inspire young people to pursue higher education. We stand ready to unite with progressive forces at Cornell to improve opportunities for African-Americans. Our activities focus on:

  • Maintaining alumni communications through newsletters, reunion, and other social activities;
  • Recruiting students to maintain Cornell’s diversity and to increase African-American enrollment;
  • Raising funds for CBAA Scholarships;
  • Encouraging alumni participation in the life and development of Cornell; and
  • Developing alumni leaders for service as trustees, council members, class officers, fund officers and alumni posts.

As CBAA’s membership has grown, regional chapters have sponsored cultural, social, and professional activities throughout the country to achieve CBAA’s mission. CBAA’s mailings reach over 3,000 alumni. Our mission is not accomplished without sacrifice, both personal and financial. Yet, through concerted efforts, we can achieve even greater success.

We must continue to focus our energies on strengthening the organization and fostering its goals so that CBAA can become a formidable force at the University and throughout the nation. Join us and be a part of history.